NOTE:  The US Post Office will raise postal rates again at the end of January.  If you are out of the United States, order early in January 2014 to avoid the rate increase. 

Generally in the past I tried to simply offer free postage.  I couldn't if you bought one item, but I could if you bought several item.

Recently the United States Post Office increased postal rates.  In the United States the increase was fairly minimal and the few pennies meant I could absorb the increase without making adjustments to prices.

I don't like charging postage on top of the purchase price.  I hate doing this, but now I'm forced to tack on $2 in the USA.

INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE HAS MORE THAN DOUBLED.  Before the increase I could send a single coin for $3 anywhere in the world.  Now the same size and weight is $6.61!!!  So, you will notice I have had to tack on anywhere from $5 to $7 for postage on International Packages to reflect this huge increase.  

INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE RATES are destroying my overseas sales.  I have decided to try wrapping items securely and mailing in a standard envelope designed to send letters.  If the post office will accept this, the postage rate will be about $2.25.  If that is possible, I can reduce International postage to, say $2, the same as I charge for Domestic Mail.

To offer some relief, I only charge for postage ONE TIME.  So, to explain this, if you buy one coin, it is $2 in the USA and $5 to $7 Internationally.  If you buy 10 coins, it is $2 in the USA and $5 to $7 Internationally.  So, the more you buy the cheaper the postage becomes.  Simply put, I let the extra postage take profit I put toward future releases.

WHY DON'T YOU DO FREE POSTAGE?  You've been told there is no free lunch.  It is true.  The money has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is always the customer.  If I was to offer free postage I would have to increase every coin and banknote price.  Why?  If you buy only one item I need to recover the cost of postage and since I get so many international sales, I'd need to recover $6.62.  So, that $6.99 coin would now be $13.60.  If I did that, I'd be overcharging for USA postage and consider this:  if you bought ten items at $13.60, you'd pay $136 compared to $76.90.  In other words I would be forced to calculate international postage into the price of everything.  I refuse to do that, so a simple $2 or $5 to $7 internationally automatically gets added to your total whether you buy 1 or 1,000 items.  

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