2 Grain Various colors and dates
* Other denominations exist, mostly in red. All were individually numbered and dated. Estimates were not more than 150 were ever circulated.
None are available.


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Mayz was thought to be a native community of only a handful of people thought to have inhabited one of the islands in the Andaman group, most likely Narcondam.

Located at an equal distance from Port Blair and Burma, this volcanic island, about 2 by 2.5 miles and rising more than 2,000 feet, is now uninhabited.

After the earthquake and tsunami of 2004, magma from the inactive volcano began to move with smoke coming from the volcano. This threat to human life resulted in the small population, thought to have been 20 to 30, to be relocated, thus ending inhabitation of the island.

It was thought the island was headed by a sultan who described the island as his kingdom. The notes seem to reinforce these claims.

The paper notes are very rare. The yellow-green notes with ‘pieces’ of different color debris in the paper are the most rare. Any of the red paper notes are quite rare. Prices realized from the yellow-green notes have been in the neighborhood of $60 each while the red notes easily fetch around $40.   A few rice paper notes were made but numbers are unknown and there have been no recent sales.

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