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At right you will find a Web Store button.  Click on this and you are in the store.  If you want only coins, click the word "Coins" at the top of the page.  If you want paper notes just click "Paper Notes".

You can open anything you might be interested in by clicking the green text.  Once the new window opens, just click "Add To Cart".

You can pay if you are done or continue shopping.

You will notice I accept "PayPal".  You enjoy the same buyer protection you get using PayPal as PayPal offers eBay customers that pay with PayPal.

If you prefer, I offer many of the same items on eBay.  I use the eBay handle, b-turner and offer these at a higher price, however, because I have eBay listing fees, final value fees and other expenses (such as 9% charge on postage) and required delivery confirmation.  


I receive notification of your PayPal payment.  I like to email you to let you know I got your order.  I keep the policy, as I do on eBay, of mailing by the first business day after you ordered, sometimes same day.  

YOU CAN ORDER DIRECT by clicking CONTACT ME but please copy the "Item Number" of what you want.

MY GUARANTEE:  I hate such policies because every circumstance is different, but in a nutshell, if you don't like the coin(s) or feel underwhelmed, just let me know.  Customer satisfaction is top priority to me and that is not measured by any policy set in writing.  You must be happy, period.  

SHIPPING COSTS:  In the USA I usually go $2 and Internationally $5 to $7.  These rates apply to a single coin purchase as well as if you bought 1,000 coins.  It's a flat rate for my chosen method of shipping.  Depending on where you live, the amount of the order and your choice of shipping will determine this.  In early 2013, the United States Post Office increased postage rates just a little in the United States, so I can continue the basic domestic charge.  International rates have increased significantly.  Before the rate increase $3 would cover a single coin leaving the USA but now it is about $6.60.  I have never seen such a huge increase in my lifetime.  Thus, I will have to increase postage overseas to reflect this.  Thus, I encourage those outside the USA to order several coins because I only charge postage  on the first coin.

RETURNS:  Yes I accept returns but it must be in the same general condition as I sold it.  Please be sure to include your email and mailing address.  I need to know where it came from and I need to get you a refund. 

A FEW NOTES ON INTERNATIONAL MAIL:  Sometimes items shipped get misplaced or wind up in Customs for a long period of time (a package to Kuwait took 4 months to go through Customs).  As our relationship is based on trust, rest assured, I shall do the right thing and will trust you to do the same.  

Sometimes a nation's postal service may not be up to par with international standards and in such cases, a private carrier, although much more expensive, may be the better option for safe and timely delivery.  If I have had problems in the past mailing to your nation, I will likely prefer this option, however I will ship by your preferred method.  Should we disagree on shipping method, you carry the risk of a lost package or delayed package, not me.

Some nations have certain 'quirks' in moving items through Customs.  If we should need to know any particulars on mailing your package, please tell us so we can offer your package the special attention it needs.

Lost or delayed packages are quite rare and account for a very tiny percentage.  The diligent work of postal workers, private carriers and customs authorities around the work is impressive and worthy of these good words.  To imagine a package finding it's way from me to a place half way around the world, arriving in your hands in days is a feat most would consider amazing.  

I DON'T KNOW IF YOU ARE LEGITIMATE said one new visitor.  I understand this.  I buy online too and wonder the same.  The best bet for you would be to buy from me on eBay by looking for member b-turner. I also use PayPal here which is really where the eBay protection comes from since that is the place the money goes and eBay owns PayPal.  To see many of my coins, consult Unusual World Coins published by Krause and look for my name in page 4 under Acknowledgements.  You can also buy some of my coins from Joel Anderson Coins:  I think eBay, Krause Publications and Joel's Coins can help you determine if I am legitimate. 

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