You received a coupon with the item you purchased on eBay.  The coupon says you can redeem it here.  You may be wondering how to do this. 

You might have noticed the discount is not specified on the coupon.  The reason is my costs vary by coin.  Sometime I can discount greatly and sometimes not a whole lot but I do guarantee you will get the best deal I can offer, always.

Might I suggest you click on the Web Store and have a look.  As you find items you might want in your collection, simply make a note of the Item Number in the Headline or Title of each item.  If you saw it listed on eBay but it is not in my Web Store, just ask as I may have an extra one.

Once you are done, click the Contact Me button and tell me what the Item Numbers are that you want.  Simply say Coupon in your email. 

After I receive your email I will locate the item or items, set them aside and email you with the price, applying your coupon for the discount.  Then I send a Paypal invoice for that amount to your email address.  

You get the protection of Paypal and the coupon discount.  No need to scan the coupon.  I know who received one.  It is that simple.

We sell worldwide and have been making friends since 2004, one at a time and having lots of fun along the way. 

If you prefer I can answer you using any language offered by Google Translator.  You can also email me in any of those languages.  

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