My philosophy is:  It is not the sale that matters, it is working to help people realize their goals.  I believe if you work for others' success your success will follow.  Bill Turner


I've been a coin collector over 40 yrs and a world type collector almost exclusively for the last 20 yrs or so. I'm a pretty picky person - coin collectors are. That's why I surprised myself when I bought into the "Fantasy" coin concept. What changed my mind? Bill Turner's Bluewaters mint. The quality design, artistry and workmanship are easy to see. These coins look even better under a  5 power magnifier, the detail is fabulous. The minuscule mintage's (usually around a hundred) make the coins investment potential a no-brainer. If just a thousand of the multiplied millions of coin collectors that there are in U.S. alone, take an interest in these coins, than the law of supply and demand will incontrovertibly drive the price of these coins no where but up. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to say these coins have a place in a "High Dollar" World coin investment portfolio, but they do have a place in an world type collection, right next to all your other interesting numismatic artifacts. I for one, proudly display mine there. A typical response is " What is that ??? " I have a Klef Raraha 2 E.C. Dollars It's one of the most dazzling pieces of work you've ever seen. Check it out at Bills web site, I think you'll agree. There available in five different metals: Gold finish, nickle, copper, brass and silver only 100 of each were produced (I think these are sold out). I also have a set of solid silver Guavapuava 1 and 3 Reale coins that are already toning beautifully.  Only 100 of each of these were produced. My next acquisition will be one of Bluewaters mints Purepuran 1 Stivers and the solid  Niobium (Adonized) Mägi Päiväine  5 coin coin set. If your a coin collector you owe it to yourself to buy at least one of bluewaters mints many interesting numismatic items, nothing beats having one "In hand".       

                        Many Blessings, Johnny Harry - your Fantasy Coin friend. 


I really appreciate you take the time to find me this item and to write me this email. If I was in business, I'd like to work with people with your customer oriented vision.  You'll surely hear from me again!

"I understand your need to meticulously research all those currencies and metals and weights. You are striving towards something that "fits" in numismatic history, even though it is a fantasy issue. You want it to fit right in to all those exotic issues that have come and gone in remote corners of the planet. You want to get it right. You want the real world and the fantasy world to merge, seamlessly. You care about the details, and I think that is one of the reasons your coins are so successful and popular. People might not understand all the details behind the weights and values, but they feel confident that they are getting something "authentic", something that has nuanced ties to numismatic history, something that pays detailed homage to old-world coins. You are adding rich flavors to our hobby. There is a delectable bouquet to your coins, and all of your research and hunting is what makes that recipe possible. The collector is not getting a two-dimensional coin...he is getting a three-dimensional work of art that can be admired from multiple angles." 

Blue Waters Mint is home to the fantasy coins and currency of Bill Turner. His coins are the most unique and creative of any I've seen. He also creates completely believable descriptions of the fantasy countries from which his money comes.

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