If you are a coin dealer you might want to expand your customer base with coins from Blue Waters Mint.  Sure, it is not circulating currency but we do appear in the pages of Unusual World Coins and other coin dealers around the world have had success selling our coins.  You may be missing out on our growing customer base and some extra income.

Blue Waters Mint coins fall under the same heading as the many non-circulating coins produced by private mints that carry the name of an actual nation.  Blue Waters Mint, like these coins, produces handcrafted coins that are not legal tender nor circulating coinage.  If you stock the 'art money' produced under the names of nations like Liberia, Palau and others, please consider adding Blue Waters Mint coins to your inventory.  With Blue Waters Mint coins, a printed brochure provides a detailed description of the fantasy location meaning your buyer knows all about the coin and the fantasy location it represents.  Our fantasy locations are truly plausible, using actual history and culture of the region to build a place that very well could exist.

Our pricing is very liberal and our customer service is second to none.  You will never be a number, but a name with us.  In fact, we feel your success is a reflection on us. 

It is easy to get started.  All you need to do is send an email by clicking CONTACT US.  Bill Turner will personally respond.

It costs nothing to learn more, so, please get in touch.  After all, we can all use additional sales!

Thank you.

What you get:  Each coin comes in a coin flip with certificate of authenticity plus a copy of the printed story all included in the price.  It is a total package that the buyer appreciates.  This allows you to sell 'out of the box' without added work.  Buyers love knowing about the coin and the fantasy location's story.  Our unique and unduplicated offering has set Blue Waters Mint apart from other coin issuers and gives the seller of Blue Waters Mint coins a very unique edge.

Blue Waters Mint is the Art of Hand-Crafted Coins.



Blue Waters Mint has earned the respect of many in the collecting world for several  reasons.  Our coins are minted utilizing centuries old methods.  Whether hammer struck or by screw press, our coins are carefully handcrafted by some of the world's finest artisans.  Every coin is a one-of-a-kind as they're minted one by one.

We have been applauded for offering a complete package: a printed brochure telling about the place the coin represents. We have yet to be copied on this 'complete' package.

That's not all, we strive for accurate to real life coins and stories.  Likely one of the best ways to describe this is by comparing the television show or movie that is based on an actual event.  The details of the story are always based on real culture, real history and real events.  The coins frequently use known historic denominations with their values painstakingly tied to the value the coin held historically.

We have been fortunate to work with people respected among collectors such as Tom Maringer who brought life to the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit through his Shire Post coins, Joe Paonessa of Badger Mint, a respected name among many in coin collecting, Ivan Rash of Rainbow Mint with a heritage of about 3 decades of unique enameling or colorizing of art bars and coins, all by hand, one at a time and Dave Peters/Arion the Wanderer in the SCA world, who could be called the prized student of the greatly respected Greg Franck-Weiby who keeps alive the art of freehand design of coin dies.

I was surprised at the mention of my name in the opening credits of Unusual World Coins, a Krause Publication edited by George Cuhaj, as a major contributor to this sector of coin collecting.  Blue Waters Mint has been described as one of the most prolific coin producers in this realm by some.

Our monthly release schedule has brought new collectors to Blue Waters Mint, not only for the uniqueness of our coins and brochure but for the variety the strive for.  Indeed our focus on keeping our offerings affordable for all collectors has aided us in growing our customer base.

As one collector put it, he was not a fan of fantasy coins but is a fan of Blue Waters Mint because of our drive for authenticity and dedication to coining in the old ways without sacrificing quality.  He is amazed how we remain affordable.  In fact, he even stated he felt Blue Waters Mint coins would rise in value substantially not only because of the low mintages but because of the quality.

Obviously, I am thrilled with what Blue Waters Mint has become and I am truly indebted to those who have brought my ideas to life and expanded on those ideas.  Without you, they would remain ideas.  Needless to say I offer a heartfelt thanks to the buyer that keeps this dream turning into reality alive and well.

Bill Turner.

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