Erik McCrea’s Website here. Erik is the reason I started doing this. If he wasn’t kind enough to share it would never had happened. You can see his coins. He is a wealth of knowledge on micronation, fantasy and unusual coins.  
Tom Maringer is one of my favorite people. He is the guy who created the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings inspired fantasy coins. The guy has more talent in his little finger than I could ever hope to have. Check his website. You’ll even see the presses that made most of the coins on my site!
Andy Skinner has what is likely the most comprehensive site on Shire Post coins in the world.  His site is not for selling coins but purely a labour of love on his part in appreciation for the fine workmanship that went into creating these wonderful coins.  
This is the site for the Unrecognized States Numismatic Society. It is a great place to meet fellow collectors and stay on top of what is happening in the USNS coin realm.  There is a more active Yahoo Group you can join.                                                JFV Coins. Jorge Vidal is not only a coin producer (maker of lovely coins honoring the many tribes of Africa that still hold a high degree of governmental autonomy). These coins produce funds to help these tribes they highlight. Jorge carries all the fantasy and micronation issues he can get his hands on. Chances are you’ll find it here. By the way, if I’m sold out, chances are Jorge has a set for sale! Jorge has good prices and he’s a very honorable guy. Link coming soon.  
Joel Anderson has an exceptional website. Joel not only has the fantasy and micro nation coins but some unusual and unique coins you likely will not find from the typical coin dealer. You’ll appreciate the deals and the unblemished reputation of this longtime coin dealer. If I am out, chances are Joel still has a set! 
Here’s the link to Oded Paz and his eBay listings. Oded is a driving force behind the USNS link above. Aside from offering some great coins, he also makes custom elongated coins. Drop him a line via eBay by clicking Contact Member. He is a wealth of knowledge.  
This is the website of Joy Clunies-Ross, a great connection to the family that owned the Cocos Keeling Islands. The book is excellent!  
These two links will put you in touch with Edwin Johnston. Aside from being a great guy, he recently headed up the Houston Coin Club as President.  
Thomas Havelka’s site here. He has produced some incredible coins and a heck of a nice guy.                                         
Here you will find some of the other coins done by Greg Franck-Weiby.  An extremely talented artist, Greg is a wealth of knowledge on coins.  I am sure fortunate to have him involved with my projects.  
This is my eBay site where you can see what I’m selling on eBay.

You might have to copy this link versus clicking on it.  This is the mint that welcomes Fantasy Coin Issuers and they have a fantasy coin track record:  Northern Forest Archipelago and my Klef Raraha coins.  Rusty, Pete and the team are great folks and it is an inexpensive way to get your coins made. 

This is a link to Anatoly Shishkevich who not only has a wonderful website selling some hard to obtain fantasy coins and tokens and offers detailed information and ppictures on many, many more including other interesting collectibles.  This is the fantasy coin creator that I joined with in the new 2011 Viinamarjasaar coin (Viinamarisaar).

This is a great website of hammered coins made by Robert Price and his partner who operate a gold mine in South Carolina.  Their limited edition coins are purely made by hand with hand etched dies (no fancy tools involved including lettering sets) and each coin hammer struck in the most authentic fashion.  This makes every coin unique as the blanks are even hammered out by hand.  Tell Robert I said hello.  He is working on a couple of dies for me! 



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