I have to admit eBay has done a fine job at creating a safe and secure shopping experience.  Much of that has come via PayPal, an eBay owned payment system.  I find many people see the eBay Buyer Protection as originating with eBay not PayPal.

Simply follow the money!  If you buy on eBay, no money is exchanged.  It is PayPal that really offers Buyer Protection because this is where the money goes.  So, it is PayPal versus eBay that actually acts as your Buyer Protection.

I use PayPal on this site for purchases.  If you choose to send cash, check, money order or cashier's check, you can do so.  Most prefer the ease of PayPal.

Buying here costs much less!  It is very hard to calculate all the factors in selling on eBay.  It is not for my website.  The website costs about $20 a month no matter what. With eBay I have listing fees.  Not every item sells and not every item sells when relisted. Then when something does sell, I have a 10% final value fee that also includes postage.  On top of that eBay is pushing hard to offer tracking on everything mailed. The problem is tracking is not offered on the first class envelope.  Thus, while I could mail for a 46 cent stamp, eBay expects me to pay $1.69 to get tracking.  You have PayPal fees too but in reality I have PayPal fees here as well.  When you add all of this up and determine the percentage of successful auctions, the cost can easily exceed 60% of the price on an item costing $10 or less.  Thus, if you but a $10 item, you're really getting a $3 item because the person needs some profit from all the time and effort.  In fact, I don't know what is happening with eBay.  I was selling about 1 in 7 auctions a year ago.  Now I am at about 1 in 25 and the number of lookers has dropped to about 1/3rd of what it once was.  Something is up.  Other coin sellers I know have had the same experience and even one major book and CD seller dropped eBay because sales dropped so substantially.  I hope they figure that out at eBay. I don't wish anything but good for eBay.

On this site it costs less!  I don't have to worry about all that stuff.  In a typical month less than 1% of income pays for the site and PayPal fees are merely 30 cents plus 2.9%.  As a result, I tend to look at eBay as 'advertising' with the hope that if you buy from me on eBay, you'll start buying here and pay less for the same product.  The beauty is this site offers that same buyer protection you find with eBay when you pay using PayPal, an eBay owned company.

I DON'T KNOW IF YOU ARE LEGITIMATE said one new visitor.  I understand this.  I buy online too and wonder the same.  The best bet for you would be to buy from me on eBay by looking for member b-turner. I also use PayPal here which is really where the eBay protection comes from since that is the place the money goes and eBay owns PayPal.  To see many of my coins, consult Unusual World Coins published by Krause and look for my name in page 4 under Acknowledgements.  You can also buy some of my coins from Joel Anderson Coins:  I think eBay, Krause Publications and Joel's Coins can help you determine if I am legitimate.





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