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EXCELSIOR 200 Mill - Only 100 Made - Item: 2014-5


Excelsior issued their first coins to collectors a few years back.  The small island of just about 400 has always suffered from chronic coin shortages and isolation has meant uniformity of the coins could vary in metal and weight with each mintage.  Finally Tom Green, the Treasurer, got the Elders on the same page and ordered the 200 Mill to be a bronze 1.8 gram coin, in this case at 19 millimeters. 

These 200 Mill coins use the same dies from earlier mintages but in different metal, weight and even size.  Certainly struck to relieve the chronic coin shortage, these represent the new metal/weight standard.  Considering the chronic coin shortage, nabbing 100 of these everyday coins in beautifil relief and mint fresh is a great stroke of luck.

By the way, you can spend this if you ever go to Excelsior and it will fetch about 13.4 cents in US dollars.  But don't think a visit can net you lots of money to bring home.  The Treasurer has to okay it and they'll want a huge premium.  In fact we had to promise a certain retail price.

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