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The Varhus Half Penny is supposed to be a true 1/2 Pennyweight .999 siilver coin but 90 coins were underweight, just .57 gram at 14 millimeters.

These lovely, detailed small coins and being underweight will not detract from the delightful coin.  We are not sure what happened but 90 of these coins got minted and we convinced the mint to sell them to us.  We doubt they could have been circulated since the folks on Varhus want their metal coins to really represent their value.  In fact we had to say, no, don't melt them down; sell them to us! 

Symbolic in a way, the coin represented the value of a piece of citrus fruit, especially a lime,mostly for the energy jolt it gave these North Atlantic residents who had to bargain with crews of ships to obtain.  As you know, sailors used citrus fruits to ward off Scurvy.  And in those days a 1/2 Pennyweight of Silver was a big price to pay ffor the energetic feel you got in return.

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