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I ELA KUAI - 1 Pitis Item 2014-1


At about 23 millimeters, these 8 gram coins are made of a pewter blend similar to the Pitis of centuries ago.  They're purely hand engraved, hammer struck on handmade blanks.  All have a unique set of properties and feature a high relief turtle on the obverse and classic reverse showing I Ela Kuai Mela Me (Island Council in the local venacular), undated and in the value of 1 Pitis.  Blanks are intentionally handmade so as to not all be perfectly round.

I have to say this certainly ranks as one of my favorite coins from the talented people who have taken Blue Waters Mint ideas to metal in the form of coins.  The pictures just don't do this one justice.  To feel it in your hand is incredible.

We only went with 100 of these and I suspect you'll see the same beauty and craftsmanship I do. Best of all is the labor of love Arion The Wanderer offered to keep these very reasonably priced so I can charge much less than I should.  

I am sure you will agree the work of hand engraving onto dies, melting metal and roling it out to the precise thickness, cutting the coin blanks and then with your own strength take a hammer and slam the metal with the bone jarring intensity it takes to force the incredible image so deeply into the coin blank. After 100 coins (that came out good enough) I think you'd want more pay that I will charge for all 100 of these coins. 

So thank you, Arion The Wander, not only for sharing your talent but for making this particular coin so low priced.  In essence, this is about a half price gift thanks to the generousity of Arion The Wander making it very affordable to add this treasure to your collection.

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