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I ELA KUAI 1/2 Pitis Item 9-1-13


I Ela Kuai uses the Pitis as its currency and it is historically based on the Pitis values of Brunei, seemingly where I Ela Kuai had some contact.  As for conversions, 4,000 Pitis was worth one silver Spanish Dollar or a Pieces of Eight.

At 4 grams this 'pewter' coin features hand etched dies and is hammer struck meaning all coins are different in some way.  100 of these were minted.  Made entirely by Arion The Wanderer of SCA Fame. Coins are 'around 17 mm.  Size varies a bit. 


This is the second in a series that will include all of I Ela Kuai's circulating coins:  the 1/4, the 1/2, 1, 5 and 40 Pitis coins. 

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