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ISLA BORAX 1/2 CENTAVO - Item 2013-3


This is such a cool coin:  crude, delicate and raw but with a beauty not found in mass produced coins.  The thin coin can be easily imagined in circulation at its backwater location. 

This work of numismatic art is from the hand of Joe Paonessa.  Joe created the incredible design, rolled the silver from little bread loaf one ounce bars and then hammer struck them to perfection.  Literally each one is a bit different.  The full mintage will be close to 250.

Inspired by the early British Half Penny that was 3.75 grains of silver, the Isla Borax 1/2 Centavo is slightly weightier at 4 grains or about .25 gram of ,999 silver and is right at 11 millimeters in diameter. 

The elaborate design is to honor the 'founder' of Isla Borax who hailed from the Lippe region of Germany.

The first of these arrived in the mail on 25 March, 2013.  Delayed by extreme cold and a bout of influenza, these coins truly exceed my expectation.  So many times the handcrafted art is so breathtaking to me and this is the case for this lovely specimen.

Naturally, as with all our coins, they arrive in a coin flip with the printed story.

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