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KIALUA 5 PAKU Traditional Ceremonial Money Coin


Not the typical fare, this is a cast-made pewter coin voic of any written text, only symbols that are very logical.  For Kialua, there is a history of coin money made by the islanders for the many traditional communities that utilize the shell money in traditional ceremonies.  Once the shells became unavailable, the islanders cast coins with the symbolic shell and the 5 point star.  The traditions of the region indicate their relatives live as stars in the sky watching over their people.  The star, therefore, honors the traditional beliefs.  The fact it is a 5 point star denotes the value:  1 Paku which is 5 Pitis (one point for each Pitis).

Each coin made by hand, so in essence each one is unique.

The coins at 36 millimeters, weigh 24.5 grams more or less.  Mintage is 100.  Comes in a coin flip and COA plus the printed story.

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