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JULIANA ISLAND 150 REIS dated 2012 Item # 12-2


Easily this the most incredible and beautiful coin to carry the Blue Waters Mint label.  At 34 millimeters square, this 6.66 gram .999 silver brakteat klippe coin offer the old world artisan style, struck one at a time ro produce the 'diamond effect' or in other words, the points of the square are at 12, 3, 6 and 9 as on the face of a clock.  The high relief and extreme detail mean this one-of-a-kind handmade coin will likely not only be prized in your collection but so unique you'll likely never find another modern coin like it.

I really must speak of the weeks of dedicated work by Tom Maringer to achieve just the perfect strike.  This was a process that took weeks of experimentation to build a true masterpiece.  This is truly a showpiece.  Upon seeing it and holding it, I thought if there was ever a book of Blue Waters Mint coins, this coin would surely grace the cover of that book based on the uniqueness and sheer beauty of this coin.

Mintage:  192. 

The eight page Juliana Island booklet comes with this coin.

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