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The .999 Silver Pampas Island Penny is an almost 1/2 gram 12 millimeter hammer struck coin designed by and minted by Arion the Wanderer.  Known as Greg Frank-Weiby's right hand man, and this is the first coin Dave designed and minted for Blue Waters Mint.

The precise weight on these coins, based on an average of 4 coins on my scale at one time, is 7.5 grains.

The coin is a representation of the history of the island.  Settled by a family that traced its roots to Lindau, Germany, the design of the 6 leafed plant is symboic of the six sheep ranches that comprise the population of Pampas Island and similar to the early Lindau small change coins. 

This is the only coin circulated.  It seems gambling among the workers was a problem in the past but with the only coin circulating being the silver penny, fewer workers risk the bulk of their wages on lady luck.

You get the Pampas Island story with the coin in a coin flip with certificate of authenticity. 

Total Mintage 253.

PLEASE REMEMBER you pay postage only on the first item.  All others ship free.  $1.95 in the USA;  $3.00 everywhere else.  Buy 1, 5, 10, 17 or even 50 coins, pay only $1.95 in USA or $3.00 elsewhere for postage!

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