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TALSTYLA 1/4 Coin - Item 1012


Here is the small undated 1.2 gram .999 silver Talstyla 1/4 coin.  These coins are 10 to 12 millimeters. 

Not a true denomination, the coin was considered pay for 1/4th of a day's pay for a hired hand on a fishing vessel or a farmhand.  While denominated as 1/4 this coin doubles as a 2 Ortug coin for Talstyla.

These coins are hammer struck and minted by Joe and Anthony Paonessa at Badger Mint.

Mintage is 250.

Note: due to the purely handmade quality of hammer struck coins, so may be a tad off center.  All all uncirculated and might best be described as 'primative' in the minting process, giving each coin a uniqueness all its own.

You get the coin in a coin flip with Certificate of Authenticity plus the printed story of Talstyla.

The Ortug was a denomination first introduced in 1370 and circulated through several areas of Scandinavia and northern Europe.  The Ortug was a denomination in use on Gotland for centuries.

Talstyla utilizes the Ortug value in silver from 1534.  While that was .54 gram, Talstyla's local coin is a but heavier at .6 gram per Ortug.

Talstyla means 'lightning stick'.  The island was named Talstyla when the first settlers came ashore during a late summer thunderstorm observing a bolt of lightning striking a 'stack' on the tallest hill on the island.  The bolt of lightning has been symbolic since that day.  A stack is a chimney-like outcropping, normally found near the shore, that has not eroded.  Many stacks are arch-like.

Additional coins for Talstyla are on the horizon including a 4, 8 and 16 Ortug, all in pure silver.

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