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PURA PALU'E 1 TANG Item 9-2012


Here is the Pura Palu'e 1 Tang, a 4.8 gram, 5/8ths inch pure copper coin.  Mintage is 360.  This is a lovely coin minted at Shire Post highlighting the artistic rendition by Kjelshus Collins of Oklahoma City of a spirit that doles out punishment on people, families and villages for greed, deception, anger and actions that are against the social standards for this leaderless society.  The image is designed to remind one to be fair and honest in al dealings. 

This is one of a multi-coin issue for Pura Palu'e that will include a 41/2 Tang, 6 Tang, 71/2 Tang and 9 Tang in silver.

The Tang is an unsuccessful attempt by the Dutch in the middle 1600s to introduce a copper version of the Maldives Larin which was a 4.8 gram silver coin at the time.  While only one coin has been found of that mid-1600s coin, it flourished on Pura Palu'e, possibly due to trade at some point.

The 18 rolls of twenty coins arrived at 1300 on 20/09/2012

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