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PURA PALU'E 1 TANG Item 8-2012


Here is the August 2012 release:  The Pura Palu'e 1 Tang wood coin.  It comes with the Pura Palu'e Story.

When you take a look at the price, you might gasp but it includes Free Postage and here is an explanation to the cost:

The wood tokens were totally handmade.  Here's the process:

1)  Take a piece of wood and hand carve a round wood piece.

2)  Burn the image into the round wooden piece by hand making EVERY piece unique.

3)  Add the finish by hand and by hand number each coin (can be seen under ultraviolet light only)

4)  Only hand tools were used.  Thus, no two are alike, each one is unique!

These are about 35 millimeters and 6 or 7 millimeters thick. 

Some are darker than others.  If you prefer a darker one, just send me a note.

Total mintage:  56

For the record:  my cost:  $8.93 per coin  ($500 total).  With padded envelope, coin flip, brochure and postage of $1.95 =   $11.18.  Sure, I'll lose a little per coin but this is a very unique project worth doing in my opinion.  I figure $12 as too high...again, my opinion.

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