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Guavapuava 3 Reales - First Minting - Item 2012-11


Coins were released on 1 February 2012.

Mintage is 100 but only 90 will be sold as 10 are reserved for those connected to this coin in some way.

At 5.5 grams of .999 silver, approximately 85 grains, this 27 millimeter coin utilizes the final work from Greg Franck-Weiby prior to his passing.  The original die was preserved by making a hub of the 'naked' design (or should I say, unfinished), embellished to the intended look by Tom Maringer at Shire Post who added the lettering as well. 

Note:  Any future mintings shall include a mark to signify a later issue in order to keep this first minting the rarity that it is. 

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