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VIINAMARISAAR 70 Euro Cents - Item 2012-1


These 27 millimeter brass 70 Euro Cent coins dated 2012 are the latest from Viinamarisaar.  In sunny golden brass, the mintage is 250.

This coin was minted using a hand designed hub purchased from a well respected mint when they went digital showing a Biblical design with two men carrying a bundle of grapes.  The reverse with a grapevine design shows a denomination of 70 Euro Cents, the pay received for picking a 27 to 30 pound tray of grapes. 

This uncirculated coin was handmade using old time minting methods offering slight variances in each coin.  Made one at a time, each coin may carry a very slight imperfection as handmade means one at a time minting lacking the sterile uniform look of modern machine manufactured coins.

The coin weight 5 grams.

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