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Pura Palu'e 12 Oa - Item 183


This note is a very primitive local paper token that has likely seen some circulation. As it appears, notes are dated, numbered, signed and the amount appears twice, once written and once in numeric form. From what I can figure the two lines (above and below the numberic amount at right) are for whole Oa on the top line and fractional Oa on the lower line. They appear somewhat like a check. Please note that of all the specimens I have the printing is not very pronounced as parts appear faded of justt barely seen, such as the authorizing signature. These come in many various amounts on a very unique sort of old paper. I have heard notes have appears on 'whatever paper was available'. With this said, it is fair to say each note is fairly if not entirely unique. Being a fan of such primitive notes, I love these rare gems. Note that this one is cut at an angle on top.

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