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NOTE:  COUPONS CANNOT BE USED FOR THIS COIN. All of the $25 for this coin is donated to the fund to establish a museum of coin making keeping alive Greg's skills and talents.

This whole project began after Greg's untimely passing last November.  Greg's 'Lady' did  not want to see Greg's art disapppear.  Dave Peters who was taught by Greg did not want this to happen either.  Matthias Bruestle in Germany wanted to see Greg's work remembered. 

Thus, Dave donated silver and Matthias created the design and hammer struck the designs into the 4.0 or more grams,  21 millimeter (on average) .999 silver blanks.  31 coins were made.

How might this 'remember' Greg?  Karen, Greg's 'Lady', wanted to establish a museum on Greg's work and techniques, so these coins are the start.  EVERY PENNY GOES TO THE FUTURE MUSEUM. 

I get the easy part:  sell and distribute the coins.  I contribute the mailing and PayPal costs.  I chose to price these at $25 US.  There are no discounts as 100% goes to the fund for Greg's future museum.  If you want to add more, I will forward this along to Karen.

I will include a leaflet with Greg's obituary and a photo of him making coins as well as background on this coin.

Only 31 were made and 3 are gone right off the start.  I think these will move at lightning speed so I would not wait on this one. 

Thank you for your contribution to this project.  I know I learned much from Greg and so many of my coins feature Greg's handiwork.  Simply put, Blue Waters Mint would not be where it is without Greg's amazing contributions.

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